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The Electoral Commission of South Australia approached Appvation with the goal of developing a digital voter ID card that would speed up the voting process and shorten queues.

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We used an agile approach to take the existing physical voter ID and transform it into something better. The first step was determining what parts of the existing voting process could be improved. We focussed on the user journey leading up to election day, from finding their local candidates, to determining where and how to vote.

After developing a prototype, we integrated routine demonstrations and tester feedback to perfect the experience. This iterative process allowed us to minimise costs and meet the tight election deadline.

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EasyVote brings together voter ID, candidate details and polling booth locations into a unified app. Live waiting times and geolocation reveal the ideal polling booths for voters. Local candidate information allows for a more informed vote. A digital voter ID card reduces environmental waste and shortens queues on polling day.

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Over 40,000 electors linked their voter ID cards before election day, leading to shorter waiting times and an improved voting experience.


Total app downloads

Top 50

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It’s all about an improved voting experience. We want local polling booths to be easier and more convenient than ever to use.

Mick Sherry – Electoral Commissioner of South Australia

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